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Transition Event

A Transition Event is an application Event fired by the Controller after a Behavior Event referencing a Bound Behavior is fired. A Behavior Event by itself just wraps a Behavior Reference and contains an instance of a View Model. If the Behavior is bound to a View, then the Controller has to transition the current View to the bound View, therefore wraps the Behavior Event causing a transition between two Views into a Transition Event object containing the Behavior Event, the View Model and two View References (VR), one referencing the View sending the Behavior Event and the other referencing the receiving View.
//part of JUIPP core
public class TransitionEvent<T> where T : IViewModel, new() 
    public BehaviorEvent<T> BehaviorEvent { get; private set; }

    public TransitionEvent(BehaviorEvent<T> behaviorEvent)
        this.BehaviorEvent = behaviorEvent;

    public T ViewModel
            return this.BehaviorEvent.ViewModel;
            this.BehaviorEvent.ViewModel = value;
    public string ViewReference { get; set; }
    public string PreviousViewReference { get; set; }

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